The Prosperous Universe Report is Now Under New Management

Hello all! I’m Thea, the (first) new author for this site! After the lengthy hiatus of the previous author, IAmWaitingToCompile, I have been given control by them in order to bring this site back into use! I hope to bring this site back, and give Prosperous Universe the serious news source it needs! I’ve included a brief author profile below.

I’m from the Antares region, Deimos to be specific. I am a part of the notorious FIO corporation, and I am somewhat active in the local channels. I am in the metallurgical and basic electronics business, which gives me a few insights into that field. I hope to write about the happenings in Antares, whether it be political, economic or something else entirely!

If any others are interested in writing for the Report, let me know! I would like to have correspondents for the other regions, and researchers to help collect data.

Now, for some plans. I hope to write an article on the ongoing elections on both Phobos and Deimos as soon as possible! I will also look into some interesting happenings regarding Harmonia and Nike! Hope to see y’all read about those!

Finally, for inquiries, contact me ingame using the company code TST, via the comment function, or the comment function on the contact page.

Commodity Exchange Market Report for 10 March 2021

Welcome back! We’ve seen a lot of interesting shifts across the exchanges this week, so let’s take a moment to break down the major goods across the exchanges, as well as have a brief peek at the newly availible population demographic information.

Activity on the Antares exchange is very low, however it has been starting to show more activity than last week. For the time being however, trade volumes in the system remain too low to draw meaningful conclusions about most commodities.

Prices of basic consumables remain high, although they have been showing a gradual decrease across all exchanges. Basic Ration and Drinking Water prices remain stable, if low, in Hortus. Small quantities of “Tier 2” basic consumables have been seen on exchanges, however until trade volumes grow it’s too early to draw conclusions as to their pricing.

On the Moria exchange, carbon prices have continued to fall, currently resting at around 300NCC per unit. Iron prices, which were declining rapidly last week, have stabilized at around 580NCC per unit.

Basic construction prefabs remain expensive across all four exchanges, despite the extensive production in Moria. MCG prices are also high, and is extremely stable in price across the exchanges, all within the 32-36 price range.

On the fuel markets sublight fuel is extremely cheap, however there has been a slight jump in price in the last few days. Whether this is a brief upset or a new ray of hope for fuel manufacturers remains to be seen. Jump fuel prices have been steadily climbing across the exchanges, likely due to the continuing lack of supply of Helium 3, a vital precursor to this valuable fuel.

In the agriculture market on Hortus, Raw Cotton Fibers have fallen substantially in price, from a peak of around 700ICA earlier in the week to a mere 450ICA at time of writing. Prices of other agricultural goods, such as Grain, Maize and HCP have been unstable, but appear to be trending slightly down. Trigliceryde nuts and fruits, although being traded only in small volumes, have suffered substantial price drops after having reached all time highs around the end of last week.

Aluminium is notably scarce across the exchanges. Although it’s direct usefulness is limited at present, it is vital to building and operating “Tier 2” facilities, so it remains a commodity to watch. The small amounts that are being traded are likely being consumed in order to manufacture Trusses, which we are seeing small volumes of being traded on exchanges.

Population reports have been issued across all the major planets, with second population reports being issued earlier today. These reports have been in line with expectations, Pioneers are plentiful, with unemployment being high. A limited supply of settlers are also present, and remain almost entirely unemployed. With the most recent population reports we’ve also seen the arrival of the very first technitians, however it is unlikely that any facilities requiring technitians will be built for several more weeks.

“Antares is […] a Faction of many trades” says Gov. Slomes

Disclaimer: The site’s operator, waitingtocompile, is a member of QWNE with Slomes, however she has had no involvement in this interview or transcript beyond proofreading and this disclaimer

While Antares is a sparser system compared to Moria and Hortus, Governor Slomes of Phobos has turned the smaller community into the system’s greatest advantage. In a candid interview Governor Slomes reveals his unique approach to governing as the universe awaits its first wave of long-distance trades.

Antares has been a rather sparsely populated system even compared to Benten and non-Montem systems. How does that change your plan for Phobos as governor, knowing that tax revenue will be considerably lower than say Montem?

I don’t think it will be an issue, since comparatively low tax and low player count also means less POPI to be raised/maintained. We are still weeks away from needing POPI, so right now every Governor (except one) has set tax to minimum. Given my track record of 16x consecutive runs as Governor of Berthier last universe, the main Capital of ALO production then, I think I have some good experience to bring to Antares, and I am very excited about its future. I expect the population to rise a lot more when Core Modules are available to build, since I see a lot of growth potential for the area.

The higher population for Moria isn’t doing it any favors; Antares exchange doesn’t suffer for the same deficits that have caused Carbon prices to spike in Moria Exchange. But, is there a worry that there might not be enough production of basic consumables that might cause a lot of currency to be dumped into Market Makers?

High prices [in Moria] mean opportunity! While some may be a bit disadvantaged from it, others will be able to profit until it eventually balances out. In Antares we are trying to have good communication and some coordination from the get go, which makes these things less likely in a manner as extreme as we see in Montem’s C market. I started a discord server for the Phobos and Deimos players, which has been getting a steady increase of active members. We communicate potential shortages and recommend understaffed Industries to people starting out, to fill the gaps. It has been going well so far. Antares is also set up for a good variety of industries, a Faction of many trades.

In regards to the MM, most money burnt goes into prefabs and Consumables.
We have seen a steady increase in Victuallers on Phobos, which will slowly create product for the market, to capture the cash from escaping circulation. DW is a bit harder to make though, since both Phobos and Deimos are fairly dry. Luckily we are working on that front too, having another T0 Planet in the area, which will soon have its first player on site! The prefabs will come a bit later, since we started without LST, a limiting factor for beginning with PP1s. We are due to get our first shipment from one of the trader players soon, which will open the opportunity for people to spec into Prefabs. It will be a long time I think until we can expect there to be a buffer below MMsell though.

It sounds like you’re running Phobos and Deimos almost like one large corporation.

There definitely are some similarities. I’ve been inspired by the way the Proxians organized last universe -Proxion is a lovely planet by the way- and decided it would be good for retaining players in the AI faction, one of the more rugged starts compared to the others, if we had some organization and good communication.

Luckily there are also some other experienced players there which are also helping to guide the new players and are interested in building up Antares (Madnewmy, Scorus, jelutz, bobemor, to name a few, + most of the unlanded traders also decided to join our discord for open communication for imports and exports). Madnewmy is governing Deimos at the moment.

The natural resources in and around Antares definitely set it up as a major fuel source for the new universe. There are also significant ALO deposits on Deimos, which would help with Settler upkeep. Do you expect Tier-2 production to start soon, or are licensee focused on further expanding tier-1 production?

Truth be told I haven’t taken Fuel production into account yet, I kind of forgot about it, haha. No further comment there I guess.

Regarding T2, it has already started! Bobemor of FIO corp has already built the first PP2. He is however working on LBH for Local Markets, unrelated to the area. I am coordinating with Madnewmy and Lockreed (a fellow member of QWNE, my corp), to advance towards PP2 viability in the area atm. Some of the QWNE members are already working on a project to unlock LST and FLX for Antares, making it independent from waiting for LST imports. This will be a major step towards our faction’s yet sleeping Construction Industry.

A strong construction industry would definitely make Antares less reliant on off-system imports for development. It is surprising that Tier-2 production has already reached such a stage in Antares; would your next step be speeding forward to tier-3 production or maybe taking advantage of the lack of Tier-2 production in other systems [so far] to move into exports?

Answering that would be very speculative, given that it is still a good distance into the future. If and where people export to, is not under my jurisdiction. I could only speak about what the Antares invested QWNE players might do. I will withhold further comment for now.

Finally, any sage advice for new players or companies looking to coliquidate?

Come to Antares! We can always use more people~
Or go to Etherwind and make DW. I’m definitely not biased…

Commodity Exchange Market Report for 2 March 2021

Commodity Exchanges in Hortus, Moria, Antares and Benten opened to private companies for the first time last week, prompting a massive surge of new investment. Commodity prices have been highly unstable with the sudden surges of demand from countless fledgeling companies.

Prices of basic consumables remain high across all exchanges with the exception of Hortus, where an agricultural boom on Promitor has lead to dropping prices for basic ration packs and drinking water, with ration packs being sold for as little as 60ICA per pallet.

Carbon prices in the Moria exchange are extremely high, peaking at over 1700NCC per unit last Sunday, with the price having now fallen to 1180NCC per unit as imports from Hortus’ agricultural markets and increased production from local companies begins to catch up to the high demands from metal processing and plastic production in the system. However it seems likely that Carbon prices will remain high in the system for the next few weeks.

Basic construction prefabs have been in high demand across all four exchanges, with vast quantities of private investment capital being spent to buy these vital construction supplies from so called “Market Makers” run by local governments. Some analysts have expressed concerns that the large volumes of currency being removed from general circulation through these “Market Makers” may cause dangerous deflation, however whether these concerns are justified remains to be seen.

Metals have been in short supply across the exchanges with the exception of Moria, where massive extraction efforts on the Iron-rich worlds of Montem and Vallis have led to declining metal prices since Friday. With Iron prices close to an all time low, and the prices of Carbon and basic consumables remaining perilously high in the region, many of these fledgeling resource extraction ventures are at serious risk of insolvency if the markets suffer any further serious upset.

Fuel prices have been fluctuating wildly across all exchanges, however concerns have been raised over the long term supply of Jump Fuel. A rare isotope of Helium, HE3, is required to synthesise this critical substance. However it is in short supply, only a handful of gas giants that can serve as a viable source of Helium 3, and currently no company has succeeded in developing the infrastructure to harvest it. Although it can also be extracted from Tectosilicates, the required refineries do not currently exist, nor do the construction materials required in the notoriously thin atmospheres required for the formation of Tectosilicates. It is expected that the price of jump fuel will rise dramatically over the coming days and weeks as the limited supplies are consumed transporting goods between exchanges.

Several companies have reported that they have managed to begin the production of lightweight aluminium trusses. These humble trusses, although not widely availible on the exchanges at this time, are vital in the construction of several more advanced manufacturing facilities, such as the chemical plant, mark 2 prefab plant, and polymer plant. Although it will be impossible to fully staff such facilities without access to Exoskeleton Worksuits or Power Tools, neither of which have yet made it to the exchanges, it seems likely that these new factories will be opening shortly, if they haven’t been launched already.

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